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About Sleepy Nature Sounds .com

Getting you to your sleep is the goal.

Sleepy Nature Sounds specializes in providing the type and length of nature sounds downloads that are most conducive to sleep. These sounds are specifically chosen for their effectiveness in aiding sleep. Originally recorded and produced, these download sounds have no distracting loops or noise. And your purchase is fully guaranteed by my 100% customer satisfaction policy.

The Passion of Nature Sounds!

Nature sounds is what I do. It is my heart and soul. I believe in the natural effectiveness and psychological benefits of nature, and of these sounds in particular. First, I carefully choose recording locations - in the wilderness where true peace and tranquility thrives. Second, I carefully record not only the sounds, but the total ambience, which I believe contains the heart and spirit of the place. Third, state of the art production that I continually update yields quality that is appreciated.

I Listen

My customers let me know what works, and over the years I have listened and honed my products and techniques. Getting you to your sleep is my goal.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

To my knowledge, I have the only company that offers a money back guarantee on downloads. And it has been my policy since 2003. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact me and ask to try another download, or ask for a complete refund. Sleepy Nature Sounds.com is a one person company. So EVERY customer gets my individual attention. Nature sounds is my specialty and main source of income, and it is also my passion. I believe in what I do and I believe in helping others. Money truly is secondary.

Sleepy Nature Sounds

Sleepy Nature Sounds.com is a subsidiary of Nature Sounds.ca, a Canadian company. My complete inventory of sounds is available at www.naturesounds.ca.


Karl Hamilton